5 Tips for a Sustainable Renovation

At Lorenz Developments Ltd, we are always challenging ourselves to combine new and traditional building methods to create sustainable, innovative and durable living spaces that meet the highest environmental standards.

We keep ourselves informed with current sustainability methods from ongoing education and having partnerships with other businesses that share similar values to LDL. We know that as a homeowner starting the renovation process it can be very overwhelming so we want to help make it easier by giving you some tips and suggestions along the way.

So, what does LDL suggest for abiding to a sustainable renovation?

1. Use long lasting building materials (i.e.metal roof vs asphalt roof). A metal roof has a 60 year life vs a 15 year life…plus a metal roof can be fully recycled! The house pictured below has a metal roof and is designed by Smith & Vansant Architects


Metal Roof

2. Choose a renovator who has great relationships and partnerships with other trades in your community and hire local. Use building materials when possible that are within your community.

3. Reuse & recycle renovation materials when possible & give new life to old buildings by reusing the materials. New life has been created for this shipping container turned guest house via Remodelista. Looks awesome!


Shipping container made guest home

4.  Have proper bins & a sorting system on the job site so that the Project Manager & team can easily sort through recyclable products vs waste (wood, plastic, metal and garbage)

5. When the renovation is complete hire a local cleaning company that uses ‘green’ cleaning products

Let us know how you kept your recent renovation sustainable or call us for a consultation.

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