7 Winterization projects for your home

Make your home feel winter ready!  We have compiled some tips for you to help save on energy, ideal winter renovations and overall preparing your home as the temperatures start to dip. If you haven’t made your home energy-efficient yet then you should get that task checked off your list before it gets even colder.

Screen-Shot-2012-10-25-at-9.32.23-AM1. Weatherstrip your doors. By doing so, you can increase energy efficiency by 45% since you will be sealing up the drafts and reducing air flow

2. Run your ceilings fans in reverse. The counterclockwise rotation will bring the warm air downwards in the winter – cutting heating costs as much as 10%

Screen-Shot-2012-10-25-at-9.27.50-AM3. Winter is a great time to renovate your interior space and organize your living spaces. It is usually easier for contractors to schedule work because there is less exterior work being done.  Examples of some interior projects that are perfect for your winter checklist would be:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Flooring
  • Basements
  • Woodwork/Millwork
  • Lighting
  • Cabinetry

4. Check your foundation – Clear away all leaves and vegetation from around your foundation. Find all exterior entry points and crawlspace entrances and make sure they are sealed to keep the heat in and the rodents out. Also, inspect the entire foundation and tuck-points for cracks – seal these as needed. Finally, inspect sill plates for dry rot or pest infestations. This tip found via caelus green room.

5. Maximize grants available to you in your province. There are a variety of Federal government grants, BC government grants, and BC home renovation rebates available to homeowners that could save your family thousands of dollars on home renovation projects. Examples are the FortisBC: Furnace Replacement Pilot Program, EnerChoice Fireplace Program and Switch ‘n’ Shrink Program.

6. Waterproof your deck- this will help prevent winter damage

7. Energy audit. Heat can escape a home in a variety of ways, so it’s worth investigating how your building envelope is performing. Click here to find out more details.






What do you do to prepare your home for winter? We’d love to hear!

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