A community event day in Squamish

As a husband and wife team we work together on a variety of projects and as you can imagine there’s always something exciting in our plans!  Jason’s role has been defined the “Developer”, as he can make and create anything. Shannon is the “Organizer” who brings all the wonderful ideas to life. Together, we compliment each other very well.

Being the owners of Lorenz Developments Ltd and Garibaldi Events & Design we feel we get to experience two very amazing worlds. We both excel in Project Management roles and thrive in challenging and operational type environments. What we love about being involved with events is the ability to connect with other people in our community and engage in the fun.

The motivation behind this blog post is for our excitement about the upcoming 3rd annual RBC GranFondo Whistler  (its next weekend!!).  This event is special to us since in 2010 we were both founding riders.  We enjoyed it so much, that we were inspired to be part of the organizing team.  Shannon received a contract for 2011 & 2012 as the Midway/Medio Manager in Squamish and Jason is the “ramp” builder for the Midway location…along with “can you carry this” “move this” and “set this up”  task list.

For 2012, we are doing something new at the Medio and that is creating a cheer station at the Garibaldi Village Mall in Squamish. So far we have 24 tents/businesses that will  be lined up along the highway cheering the 7,000 riders that ride through our town.  On-site there will be a pancake breakfast, noise maker creations for kids, Mountain FM live on location, Squamish Academy of Music having jam sessions, Brian Noppe doing interactive iPhoto demo’s, Squamish Arts Council painting some bikes, unicyclists..and the list goes on!

Were even lucky enough to have two events in Squamish on the same day as the Brackendale Fall Fair is taking place as well..so its truly a community event day in Squamish.

Jason & I are both very excited to be apart of the GranFondo again and even more excited to show all the riders how well we can cheer. Hope to see you on September 8th.

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