The Refreshing Renovation

At LDL, its our goal to make your renovation process easy, simple + efficient in every aspect of your project. As experts in our industry we have used our knowledge to create a streamline system of completing a successful renovation. We call this the “Refreshing Renovation”.


Step One: Contact Us

Whether you are planning a remodel, an addition or building a new home, choosing the right contractor is key to achieving your goals. At LDL, we offer a free estimate and consultation regarding your renovation project. There is no obligation, just an opportunity to get informed. To contact us, click here.


Step Two: Maximizing your investment

Our passion for quality construction, functional spaces, timeless design, long-term investment ideas and constant review of working budgets result in cost savings and strong ROI opportunities for all the projects we complete.


Step Three: Preparing for the Consultation

To prepare for our meeting, we suggest you know the design characteristics you require and your “wish list” as it provides insight of how we can prepare for our meeting.  Together, we will evaluate your options and create a plan for your project.


Step Four:  Review Estimate + Secure Financing

After your visit you can expect to receive your estimate within one week. We ask that you review to make sure we covered all the requirements you listed, noting where you may be able to include work from your wish list. If you would like to make adjustments to the estimate please let us know and we will adjust accordingly. Next step, we will agree on the scope and project cost, and then you’re ready to secure the financing. If you are borrowing money to pay for your renovation, apply now. We suggest doing a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity line of credit.


Step Five: The Work Begins + Enjoy!

Congratulations! The contract has been signed off and a start date has been determined. In order to keep your life feeling balanced throughout the renovation make sure you understand the scope and timeline of the project, make flexibility your mantra, create a back up plan for unexpected inconveniences and keep the vision clear in your mind to endure the temporary hardships.


We are committed to excellence. Its our desire to provide our clients’ with remarkable design solutions, quality work and hassle-free construction services.

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