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About-Us-Jason-e1349302457797Jason Lorenz

Role: The Developer

Showing undeniable promise at the young age of three, Jason began his career as a LEGO champion and son of a contractor whom he followed from project to project. His gift for woodworking found him building everything from picture frames to skateboard ramps, which eventually led to the clean-lined furniture and custom cabinetry he builds today. As head of LDL, he used good old-fashioned work, passion for innovation and solid dedication to expand his business and triple his revenue in its first two years – and it’s still growing. When not on the job, Jason can be found riding one of his many bikes or browsing through the latest projects on Contemporist.

About-Us-Shannon-e1349302403364Shannon Lorenz

Role: The Organizer
Unlike most girls, Shannon grew up glued to the Real Estate channel and attended every open house she could. She gets a thrill from number crunching and client meetings (her first purchases were a red phone and a calculator) and loves to piece things together. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is currently pursuing her Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation at the University of British Columbia. In her “downtime” she produces community & special events through Garibaldi Events & Design and books a lot of coffee dates.

vivVivienne Lorenz

Role: The Cheerleader
With an passion for geometric prints and textured materials, Vivienne will focus on the tiniest of details. When she’s not dreaming of her future walk-in closet, she can often be found cheering on the sidelines or planning her next move.

About us HendrikHendrik Lorenz

Role: The Apprentice
A developer in training, young Hendrik is constantly at his father’s side with a tool in hand. He also has a weakness for pancakes, fast cars and anything that makes noise (just like his dad). Clearly, he’ll be building houses in no time.

 sebastianSebastian Lorenz

About Sebastian, the cutest construction dude ever!

As a family, we invest in our community by supporting local events, organizations and charities. Find out more about what we do by following us on Facebook and reading our blog here.

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