How To Choose The Right Contractor

Planning a renovation is a very exciting project to undertake, although it can seem like an overwhelming task. With the right contractor, guidance, preparation, and execution, you can transform an outdated home into a refreshed, modern living space. In this post we will be writing about how

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Benefits + Costs of having a Residential Suite

If 1/4 of Canadians are choosing to be landlords, there must be a good reason why.  Living in the Vancouver area and/or suburbs is down right expensive and with high living costs it makes sense for many homeowners to create a legitimate income stream that they’re in

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Planning a Rental Suite in Your Home

Whenever we come across interesting articles we love to share on our blog. I recently found a website called Rew and it has tons of information on local real estate, mortgage information and home tips. As contractors we are asked many questions in regards to home renovations,

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Focus on renovation value

This post has been copied from the Canadian Home Builder’s Association website. We thought it would be a very useful read to our subscribers since we have been actively discussing the pay back potentials of your home through the renovation process. Your home is likely the most valuable asset you

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Top 10 Renovations for Best Resale Value

Did you know that a survey completed by the Royal Bank of Canada in 2011 shows that 55% of homeowners plan to renovate or make improvements in 2012. Furthermore, a CMHC survey conducted in 2011 shows 52% of owners renovated due to updating/adding value to their home in

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Surviving Home Renovation Projects

It’s time to have a new room added to the house. The contractors are in place; the construction plans have been reviewed and approved. Everyone feels confident that the right contractor is on the job and can handle the full scope of the project. The entire family is

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Transforming your house into a home

We’ve all been there. We dream about what our ultimate home looks like and we look forward to the day it becomes a reality. We browse through the latest projects of home magazines, read interior design blog’s and go window-shopping to be inspired by the latest trends. We are

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How to finance your home renovations

A great article from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for home renovating financing options.  We wanted to share since this is a common question that clients ask us, enjoy! There are many different reasons to renovate a home: to save energy (and save on utility bills), to make

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The power of renovation for your business

When we came across this article from Third Eyesight, we had to share.  Third Eyesight is a consulting firm focussed on the retail and consumer products ecosystem. Third Eyesight works with retailers (including including e-tailers), brands and manufacturers, as well as service organisations and suppliers to the

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Upgrade Windows + Doors and we pay the HST!

We are starting off the New Year wanting to give back to our clients, and in an eco-friendly way! Our promotion is to pay for the HST of our clients who hire us for a windows and door upgrade if booked by February 28th, 2013. If you

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