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Today’s guest post is from “The Great British Gardener” President named Liz Wilkinson. I met Liz about two months ago while I walking around my block, and I was admiring her garden (she had just purchased the new home).  She told me she has been gardening/landscaping for 30 years and she had just moved to Canada from the UK, and is re- starting her business venture here.  I always admire people who sell everything they owned and move across the world to start a new exciting! Here’s some of her curb appeal tips and blog post:

In the words of Frank Sinatra: ”You’ve either got or you haven’t got style, if you got it, it stands out a mile.”

Curb appeal is like style, it should reflect your home and your personality. Too often when people are wanting to create curb appeal within their garden all thoughts of style are forgotten. Attention to detail is ignored and all too often the impact is lost.Unfortunately, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.

Screen-Shot-2012-07-22-at-3.54.44-PMRemember less is more. How do you create curb appeal? There are certain factors to take into consideration when planning your garden to create curb appeal.

1. How often do we hear fashionistas go on about investing in a good quality classic item that you can use over and over again. Why treat your garden any differently?

To add curb appeal to your garden invest in a couple of large pots in a style that complements your home. place them either side of the entrance into your home and fill them with this season’s plants and change the planting four times a year. Keep it simple and bold with one colour theme and ensure that the pots are overflowing with plants. or   Topiary Buxus, clipped boxwood, in pots looks good all year round.


Or if you are planting into the ground purchase a couple of quality specimen trees  such as Acer Palmatum dissectum atropurpureum, Red Japanese Maples,  the list of suitable plants is endless,  remember that they should reflect your style and have enough room to grow naturally.  Invest in quality and buy the best  that you can afford.

2. When a girl learns how to put on makeup she is told to keep it simple and emphasis her best feature, never make both features strong as they will only compete for attention and neither will win! Curb appeal is the same.

Avoid cluttering the garden , keep it simple and draw attention to your garden’s best feature. If you have a large granite rock outcrop  in your garden up light it to draw attention to it in the evening,  if you have a really dramatic door,  frame it with plants .


What to always remember is that it is worthwhile to plan and design your garden properly, whether it is a garden that you have inherited or a new garden that you need to start from scratch. You don’t need to do everything at once but you do need to know what order to work through the list of projects. Planning is essential to ensure right plant right place…


Liz Wilkinson, The Great British Gardener


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