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Renovation Preparation – 101

You’ve secured the contractor and financing. You’ve finalized the plans and your permits have been approved. Now what? Here are 5 things to do to prepare for a home renovation. 1. Pare down to the bare essentials: Pack up and store items from the rooms that will

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Renovation DON’Ts – Our Top 5 List

In a world of overpriced real estate, many of us are choosing to renovate our homes rather than move. Renovations come in all shapes and sizes so if you’ve decided to hop on the remodel-your-home train, here is a list of things to avoid to keep your

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2-5-10 Year Warranty

Did you know that British Columbia has the strongest and most effective new home warranty in Canada? True story! Anyone buying or building a new home in our province is protected by 2-5-10 home warranty insurance. Here is a breakdown of exactly what that means: 2 –

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LEED Certified – The Mark of Excellence in Building

Fact: 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolitions. Fact: Buildings generate 35% of greenhouse gases. Surprised? “Going green” has been a catch-phrase for some time but how do you know if your home or business is actually “GREEN”? Look for LEED certification! A rating system

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Know Your Zone

Last month we talked about What to Consider Before Buying a Home and we touched on the importance of property zoning. Delving into the topic of property zoning can be slightly overwhelming so we spoke with a planner at the District of Squamish to break it down.

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Personal Consultations with Lorenz Developments

  Happy 2015! As you may have noticed we’ve taken a break from blogging. We had our third child in November 2013 and the balancing act for a family of 5 brought a new definition of busy to our lives! We’ve certainly missed writing our posts and are looking

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Looking to Purchase a Home on International Soil?

Perhaps you’ve been transferred to work overseas or your exploring the idea of purchasing an international investment opportunity. As part of this process, you will carefully want to educate yourself on desirable locations where you believe people will want to live now and will continue to do

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Costs of Buying a New Home

We love to share relevant industry articles and this is from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association. The Association’s mandate is to help you buy, build or renovate your home with confidence. That being said, enjoy this read on the true costs of buying a new home. COSTS

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How To Choose The Right Contractor

Planning a renovation is a very exciting project to undertake, although it can seem like an overwhelming task. With the right contractor, guidance, preparation, and execution, you can transform an outdated home into a refreshed, modern living space. In this post we will be writing about how

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Benefits + Costs of having a Residential Suite

If 1/4 of Canadians are choosing to be landlords, there must be a good reason why.  Living in the Vancouver area and/or suburbs is down right expensive and with high living costs it makes sense for many homeowners to create a legitimate income stream that they’re in

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