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The Renovation Road to Success

We recently became members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (the Sea to Sky Chapter) and we really enjoy the articles that we come across written by the association. We found this article (below) about renovating with confidence and wanted to share. Please note: This backgrounder has been

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Good old-fashion work ethic

In a world that is packed with social media and advertising options it becomes overwhelming as a business owner.  The questions can be endless: which social media outlets should I use?  How much time should I spend on it everyday?  If I don’t do social media will

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Construction mortgages & how they work

If you have been following our blog posts, you would have already virtually met Kyle Green from Mortgage Alliance.  I met Kyle years ago through the Real Estate Action Group  in Vancouver and have used him numerous times throughout the years.  Today, Kyle has given us some

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Need Renovation or Construction Work on your Home? Five Tips on Choosing the Right Renovator

Although it can cause quite the headache, renovating a home is an exciting project to undertake. With the right planning, preparation, and execution, you can take a dulled-down, old home and turn it into a flawless, modern humble abode. In fact, I recently had some work done

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Secrets of designing a small kitchen

With the growing cost of residential construction its becoming common to live in small spaces.  According to the Vancouver Condo Report the average price per square foot for MLS high rise condos is $596.00 in 2012 for Greater Vancouver. That means if you lived in a 750

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How to create a commercial building into a modern workspace

In a world that is quickly changing due to an increased connection through technology and design its very inspiring to see how many businesses are adapting quickly to the change in commercial design. Gone are the days when offices are filled with cubicles, bare walls and fluorescent lights.

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The future rise of residential suites in B.C.

I have to be honest I was surprised when I recently read an article in Canadian Real Estate Wealth called “1/4 of B.C. homeowners now landlords.” If this is true, that means when I walk through a B.C. neighbourhood one in four houses has a suite- WOW!

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Converting a Carport to a Garage

If you have been reading our blog posts you know how much we love to have extra space and storage, and we love to pass these tips onto our clients so they can enjoy the benefits of more storage in their homes. Garages are very useful for

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ROI for Reno..check out this cool calculator

In an economy that is still fragile, we as consumers are even more cautious as to how we spend our hard earned dollars. For most of us, our biggest asset is our home and therefore it makes sense that the more we maintain and keep the house

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Metal Roof: Some Must Know Advantages

Were all faced with many decisions when renovating or building a new house. When it comes to choosing your roof install there are 3 common designs: metal, cedar or composite.  After careful consideration and looking into all of the features of each style, we choose the metal

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