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Renovation DON’Ts – Our Top 5 List

In a world of overpriced real estate, many of us are choosing to renovate our homes rather than move. Renovations come in all shapes and sizes so if you’ve decided to hop on the remodel-your-home train, here is a list of things to avoid to keep your

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Interior Design Trends – Fall 2016

Fall is still technically still a few weeks away but this cooler, wet weather gets many of us in that I’m-read-for-change state of mind. The beginning of September brings those back-to-school feelings (even if your school days are long behind you). For some of us, that means

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LEED Certified – The Mark of Excellence in Building

Fact: 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolitions. Fact: Buildings generate 35% of greenhouse gases. Surprised? “Going green” has been a catch-phrase for some time but how do you know if your home or business is actually “GREEN”? Look for LEED certification! A rating system

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How to Simplify your Garage

While the garage is not your main gathering hub of the house, there’s a lot to be said about it being  a organizational space that will make your everyday life simple and efficient. A garage lined with storage containers, shelving units, coat racks and friendly spaces can

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Transforming your house into a home

We’ve all been there. We dream about what our ultimate home looks like and we look forward to the day it becomes a reality. We browse through the latest projects of home magazines, read interior design blog’s and go window-shopping to be inspired by the latest trends. We are

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Hiring an Interior Design Pro: When to Take on the Role of DIY Decorator, and When to Call in the Pros.

Guest blog posts are always so much fun for us!  We love to meet other small business owners and I was lucky enough to meet Michelle and Kyla a couple weeks ago at Port + Quarter. If you are looking for a savvy pair of ladies to

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Questions to ask your renovator + architect

What should I be asking my renovator and architect before they start working on my home? Its a popular  topic and were happy to give you some tips on questions you should be asking. After all, your home is the biggest asset you have. Ask the Renovator

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Secrets of designing a small kitchen

With the growing cost of residential construction its becoming common to live in small spaces.  According to the Vancouver Condo Report the average price per square foot for MLS high rise condos is $596.00 in 2012 for Greater Vancouver. That means if you lived in a 750

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Dream Getaway’s

Its summertime and like every family its busy!  Were trying to make the most of the summer (which seems really short these days) so were trying to pack in the summer vacations, mini camping trips, mountain bike rides, outdoor fun, birthday parties, wedding’s….and well, we can go

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Boosting Curb Appeal

Today’s guest post is from “The Great British Gardener” President named Liz Wilkinson. I met Liz about two months ago while I walking around my block, and I was admiring her garden (she had just purchased the new home).  She told me she has been gardening/landscaping for

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