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How to design the ultimate playhouse for your kids

There are tons of treehouse options out there and just like a house design, we think there’s some pretty awesome ideas for creating a space that can be shared by your kids..and even the parents! A place where the entire family can let their imaginations soar and

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How to create a commercial building into a modern workspace

In a world that is quickly changing due to an increased connection through technology and design its very inspiring to see how many businesses are adapting quickly to the change in commercial design. Gone are the days when offices are filled with cubicles, bare walls and fluorescent lights.

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LDL modern design tips for your home

We all have our own personal styles that are reflected through are home decor.  As you know, we love modern style homes because the decor emphasizes clean lines, no clutter and open architectural spaces. If your looking for ways to make your home more modern we have

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The future rise of residential suites in B.C.

I have to be honest I was surprised when I recently read an article in Canadian Real Estate Wealth called “1/4 of B.C. homeowners now landlords.” If this is true, that means when I walk through a B.C. neighbourhood one in four houses has a suite- WOW!

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Converting a Carport to a Garage

If you have been reading our blog posts you know how much we love to have extra space and storage, and we love to pass these tips onto our clients so they can enjoy the benefits of more storage in their homes. Garages are very useful for

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Patio season has arrived

Who loves sitting on their patio enjoying the warmth of the summer sun? That’s right our favourite time of the year, patio season has arrived!  This post is to help inspire our readers with some patio design ideas. -Add some colour.  We love bright and vibrant colours

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Metal Roof: Some Must Know Advantages

Were all faced with many decisions when renovating or building a new house. When it comes to choosing your roof install there are 3 common designs: metal, cedar or composite.  After careful consideration and looking into all of the features of each style, we choose the metal

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Top 5 home design ideas

Were excited to be blogging and look forward to sharing our ideas with you.  Make sure to frequently visit our site for new posts, which we will be posting every Sunday. One of our favourite topics to discuss is home design. In this post we have compiled

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