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Good old-fashion work ethic

In a world that is packed with social media and advertising options it becomes overwhelming as a business owner.  The questions can be endless: which social media outlets should I use?  How much time should I spend on it everyday?  If I don’t do social media will

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30 year amortization mortgage. Now what?

Hi there, my name is Shannon Lorenz. If you have seen the rest of our website you know we are a family business and my husband is the founder of LDL. Jason is an amazing contractor/craftsman and I am the organizer/number cruncher and I love real estate (which leads

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7 tips of avoiding renovations going wrong

Being an owner of a renovation business we have heard stories of renovations gone bad and we pride ourselves of doing just the opposite. At LDL we have an A+ rating with the BBB and recently became members of RenoMark. What we do know is the reality

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Construction mortgages & how they work

If you have been following our blog posts, you would have already virtually met Kyle Green from Mortgage Alliance.  I met Kyle years ago through the Real Estate Action Group  in Vancouver and have used him numerous times throughout the years.  Today, Kyle has given us some

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A community event day in Squamish

As a husband and wife team we work together on a variety of projects and as you can imagine there’s always something exciting in our plans!  Jason’s role has been defined the “Developer”, as he can make and create anything. Shannon is the “Organizer” who brings all

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Dream Getaway’s

Its summertime and like every family its busy!  Were trying to make the most of the summer (which seems really short these days) so were trying to pack in the summer vacations, mini camping trips, mountain bike rides, outdoor fun, birthday parties, wedding’s….and well, we can go

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Boosting Curb Appeal

Today’s guest post is from “The Great British Gardener” President named Liz Wilkinson. I met Liz about two months ago while I walking around my block, and I was admiring her garden (she had just purchased the new home).  She told me she has been gardening/landscaping for

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How to design the ultimate playhouse for your kids

There are tons of treehouse options out there and just like a house design, we think there’s some pretty awesome ideas for creating a space that can be shared by your kids..and even the parents! A place where the entire family can let their imaginations soar and

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How to prepare to sell your home

We had the opportunity to ask local Squamish Realtor Dawn Mortenson on how to best prepare for selling your home, and she provided us with our next guest blog post! A house that “sparkles” on the surface will sell faster than its shabby neighbor, even though both

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Best ROI? Check out purchase to rent ratio worksheet

REIN Canada is an awesome business to follow if you are an avid Twitter user and have an interest in real estate investing.  We look forward to their tweets and always find that they have great tips and tools for investors.  If you are a real estate

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