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LDL modern design tips for your home

We all have our own personal styles that are reflected through are home decor.  As you know, we love modern style homes because the decor emphasizes clean lines, no clutter and open architectural spaces. If your looking for ways to make your home more modern we have

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Ever wonder what the most popular appliances are?

Being in the contracting business we have been very fortunate to create some great relationships with some amazing home & building suppliers.  Today’s blog post is about appliances, and picking a fridge/stove combination that fits your personal taste and budget. We highly recommend using Trail Appliances to

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Up to $7,000 Government Grants for BC Homeowners

The list goes on and on for the eligibility of the BC renovation grants (to see the list click here).  The Government of British Columbia continues to provide LiveSmart BC rebates of up to $7,000 and more for home energy renovations.  To qualify you need to have

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ROI for Reno..check out this cool calculator

In an economy that is still fragile, we as consumers are even more cautious as to how we spend our hard earned dollars. For most of us, our biggest asset is our home and therefore it makes sense that the more we maintain and keep the house

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