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Fall Home Maintenance

Rain, rain, go away…. If you are already wishing the rain away, you’re not alone. It’s been a wet month! For those of us that haven’t escaped to warmer and drier destinations, taking shelter in our homes is our only salvation. We have come up with a

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Fall Lawn and Garden Tips and Reminders

We have worked on our summer home maintenance but now the leaves are starting to turn those gorgeous fall shades of red and yellow and there is a new found crunch under our feet (and bike tires). Nothing beats those crisp, sunny fall days! That being said,

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Seasonal Maintenance Tips – Summer

It’s finally heating up and starting to feel like summer in beautiful Sea to Sky country. Time to start enjoying all those lakes, trails and happy hour patios. BUT, before you send out the invites to your backyard barbeque, consider spending some time going through these summer

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Focus on renovation value

This post has been copied from the Canadian Home Builder’s Association website. We thought it would be a very useful read to our subscribers since we have been actively discussing the pay back potentials of your home through the renovation process. Your home is likely the most valuable asset you

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Surviving Home Renovation Projects

It’s time to have a new room added to the house. The contractors are in place; the construction plans have been reviewed and approved. Everyone feels confident that the right contractor is on the job and can handle the full scope of the project. The entire family is

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7 Winterization projects for your home

Make your home feel winter ready!  We have compiled some tips for you to help save on energy, ideal winter renovations and overall preparing your home as the temperatures start to dip. If you haven’t made your home energy-efficient yet then you should get that task checked off

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Dream Getaway’s

Its summertime and like every family its busy!  Were trying to make the most of the summer (which seems really short these days) so were trying to pack in the summer vacations, mini camping trips, mountain bike rides, outdoor fun, birthday parties, wedding’s….and well, we can go

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ROI for Reno..check out this cool calculator

In an economy that is still fragile, we as consumers are even more cautious as to how we spend our hard earned dollars. For most of us, our biggest asset is our home and therefore it makes sense that the more we maintain and keep the house

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