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Fall Lawn and Garden Tips and Reminders

We have worked on our summer home maintenance but now the leaves are starting to turn those gorgeous fall shades of red and yellow and there is a new found crunch under our feet (and bike tires). Nothing beats those crisp, sunny fall days! That being said,

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Boosting Curb Appeal

Today’s guest post is from “The Great British Gardener” President named Liz Wilkinson. I met Liz about two months ago while I walking around my block, and I was admiring her garden (she had just purchased the new home).  She told me she has been gardening/landscaping for

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How to design the ultimate playhouse for your kids

There are tons of treehouse options out there and just like a house design, we think there’s some pretty awesome ideas for creating a space that can be shared by your kids..and even the parents! A place where the entire family can let their imaginations soar and

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ROI for Reno..check out this cool calculator

In an economy that is still fragile, we as consumers are even more cautious as to how we spend our hard earned dollars. For most of us, our biggest asset is our home and therefore it makes sense that the more we maintain and keep the house

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Patio season has arrived

Who loves sitting on their patio enjoying the warmth of the summer sun? That’s right our favourite time of the year, patio season has arrived!  This post is to help inspire our readers with some patio design ideas. -Add some colour.  We love bright and vibrant colours

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“The New” Outdoor Work Space

Space, space, space and more space! It seems like we are always looking for another area in our home to full fill the need of storing our household items. I’m not sure if its because we are starting to collect more personal items, or as a growing

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