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Valuation Techniques for Industrial Properties

As part of the ongoing growth and development of our business I (Shannon) decided to return to school to pursue my Post Graduate Certificate of Valuation at UBC.  We feel this additional knowledge will be an extra added value in choosing to work with us as we

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Benefits + Costs of having a Residential Suite

If 1/4 of Canadians are choosing to be landlords, there must be a good reason why.  Living in the Vancouver area and/or suburbs is down right expensive and with high living costs it makes sense for many homeowners to create a legitimate income stream that they’re in

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Top 10 Renovations for Best Resale Value

Did you know that a survey completed by the Royal Bank of Canada in 2011 shows that 55% of homeowners plan to renovate or make improvements in 2012. Furthermore, a CMHC survey conducted in 2011 shows 52% of owners renovated due to updating/adding value to their home in

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9 Reasons to Buy a House

Guest blogger, Kyle Green who is a mortgage broker with Mortgage Alliance tells us 9 reasons to buy a house. If you are struggling on choosing to rent or buy, then this will be a read for you! There are many reasons why you should consider jumping

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