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LEED Certified – The Mark of Excellence in Building

Fact: 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolitions. Fact: Buildings generate 35% of greenhouse gases. Surprised? “Going green” has been a catch-phrase for some time but how do you know if your home or business is actually “GREEN”? Look for LEED certification! A rating system

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5 Tips for a Sustainable Renovation

At Lorenz Developments Ltd, we are always challenging ourselves to combine new and traditional building methods to create sustainable, innovative and durable living spaces that meet the highest environmental standards. We keep ourselves informed with current sustainability methods from ongoing education and having partnerships with other businesses

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Top 5 home design ideas

Were excited to be blogging and look forward to sharing our ideas with you.  Make sure to frequently visit our site for new posts, which we will be posting every Sunday. One of our favourite topics to discuss is home design. In this post we have compiled

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