Fall Home Maintenance

Photo credit: http://homedesigning.tumblr.com

Photo credit: http://homedesigning.tumblr.com

Rain, rain, go away….
If you are already wishing the rain away, you’re not alone. It’s been a wet month! For those of us that haven’t escaped to warmer and drier destinations, taking shelter in our homes is our only salvation. We have come up with a few tips to keep your home warm, dry and safe during these wet months.
Windows and Doors
Photo credit: http://casatreschic.blogspot.ca

Photo credit: http://casatreschic.blogspot.ca

A simple way to check for leaks around windows and doors is to run your hand around the perimeter. If you feel cool air, drafts or moisture, you probably have a leak or gap. Consider installing weather stripping or plugging leaks with caulking to avoid heat loss and excessive humidity.
If your furnace is making strange noises or isn’t performing like it once did, have a profession check it out. Clean or replace your furnace filter and get your ductwork vacuumed. Clean filters and ducts not only allows for maximum heating efficiency, it also blows cleaner air into your home.
photo credit: http://carlaaston.com

photo credit: http://carlaaston.com

Nothing beats the crackle of a wood burning fire on a cold damp day but lighting it up before inspecting it can be a huge hazzard. Even if you only use it occasionally, it should be checked every year for creosote, blockages or damage. If you don’t know what to look for, hire a professional chimney sweep.
Fire Prevention
Ensure every floor has a functioning smoke detector. Smoke and CO2 detector batteries should be checked regularly. Keep at least one fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location in your home. Create or review your family escape plan in the event of a fire.

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