Renovation Preparation – 101

You’ve secured the contractor and financing. You’ve finalized the plans and your permits have been approved. Now what? Here are 5 things to do to prepare for a home renovation.

1. Pare down to the bare essentials: Pack up and store items from the rooms that will be renovated but keep your essentials handy. Depending on the rooms being affected, you may need to get your mind around “living out of a suitcase”. Covering furniture and storing other items in boxes or closed bins will prevent them from being damaged or covered in dust. It also leaves more room for the workers. If you are preparing for a kitchen renovation (while living in your house), set up a temporary kitchen with only the items you know you will need everyday. Storage on wheels can be very useful for storing your essentials.

2. Keep kids and pets safe: If you have young children and pets at home, there needs to be clear boundaries between them and the areas under construction. Power tools, paints and toxic materials will be in your home at any given time. Temporary fencing may need to be considered for outdoor projects. Baby gates can also be useful for containing pets and babies to safe zone in your home.

3. Increase your home security: Inevitably, you will have workers coming in and out of your home and it can leave you feeling vulnerable. Although you have done your best to hire a trustworthy team, thieves may see your home as a target. Consider storing valuables in a safe or in another off site location. Smart-locks (locks operated by your smart phone) are another option that give you remote access to your locks and alarm settings when you aren’t home

4. Shift your schedule: If you value your privacy, this takes a little maneuvering. A lot of workers start early and some of us like to sit around in our pajamas, sipping coffee, long after their day has begun. If this is something that might bother you, consider setting up a privacy screen or put a coffee maker in your bedroom. Showering at night might be another option.

5. Plan some time away from home: When you’ve had enough, be prepared to take a break from your house. Staying with a friends or family for a few days can be a great break. A couple of nights at a hotel can make a huge difference in your mental health too. The remodeling process can often take longer than we think.

There will be high and lows during this process but ultimately, the benefits of the improvements will all be worth it.

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