How to Simplify your Garage

While the garage is not your main gathering hub of the house, there’s a lot to be said about it being  a organizational space that will make your everyday life simple and efficient. A garage lined with storage containers, shelving units, coat racks and friendly spaces can make the start of your day a success.

If your garage isn’t looking so simplified these days start by clearing the space and give yourself a clean slate. Second step, start purging! Clutter blocks energy and slows down your everyday life. Once you have determined what you are keeping create zones in the garage for your items and organize from there.

Here’s some images we found that might get your creative juices flowing..


Via Remodelista


Via Lorenz Developments


Via Houzz

For more inspiration check out our gallery of before and after pictures. Its neat to see not only the design changes, but how “clutter free” a renovation can simplify your space. Click here for more images.

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