LEED Certified – The Mark of Excellence in Building

Fact: 35% of landfill waste comes from construction and demolitions.

Fact: Buildings generate 35% of greenhouse gases.

Surprised? “Going green” has been a catch-phrase for some time but how do you know if your home or business is actually “GREEN”? Look for LEED certification!

A rating system known as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized mark of excellence. LEED recognized that sustainability should be the priority in any build from design to construction and operation. Their rating system was developed using the same standards, in 150 countries world wide .

Living in a LEED certified home is high-five to the environment. These homes use less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste and provide you with better indoor air quality – which creates a positive impact on your health as well. From a financial standpoint, you will save money in utility costs and increase your resale value. And last but not least, peace of mind. LEED is third party assurance that your home has been designed and constructed in the best possible way.

If you are interested in building a LEED certified home, the process is available through this link

In the last decade we have witnessed a massive changes in products that affect our health and lifestyle because, as a population, we asked for it. The average supermarket now has an “organic” section and we are seeing a massive increase in electric and fuel efficient vehicles on our roads. Imagine what changes are possible in construction if we demand the change and set high standards for the environmental impact. Canadians should be proud to know that they have the second highest number of LEED certified buildings in the world. Keep up the good work Canada!

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