Living in Squamish And Why You’ll Never Want to Leave

In recent years, Squamish has shed itself from its sleepy-logging-town reputation and quickly become a highly desirable place to live. Whether it can still be known as the best kept “secret” is up for debate. With a population of less than 20,000 it boasts a small-town community feel but it is no longer just a stopover between Vancouver and Whistler. What has put this town on the map ranges from outdoor recreation, proximity to Vancouver, development and the progressive nature of its residents.

To experience world-class biking, kite surfing, hiking or rock climbing, Squamish residents look no further than their backyards. Mother nature took care of the landscape in this town, giving access to all outdoor enthusiasts. Locals appreciate and respect their surroundings and they are proud of their terrain – earning Squamish the title of “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”.

In the event that this town doesn’t offer quite enough outdoor recreation for you – fear not! Whistler should fulfill all your skiing, snowboarding and bike park needs. As the halfway point between Vancouver and Whistler, Squamish offers the best of both worlds. What Squamish may currently lack in fine dining, shopping, arts or entertainment can be found in a quick (45min) drive to the city. However, with the direction this town is headed, it won’t be lacking in these departments for long.

The developments in the works for Squamish are, seemingly, endless. Although Garibaldi at Squamish resort and the LNG plant are controversial projects, the housing, park and employment developments are exciting! Jim Pattison group has purchased land to build a Great Wolf Lodge. Polygon and Newport Beach Development also have major residential plans for the downtown waterfront. Fortunately, our local council doesn’t just look at the bottom line when selling large sections of land either. They seem to have their priorities straight and insist on a balance of park and employment development.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to work here in Squamish. Those that work in downtown Vancouver have accepted that more affordable housing means commuting to suburban areas. If you’re going to spend at least 45 minutes in your car, you can chose to take in the endless vistas along the sea-to-sky highway OR crawl in traffic through a mass of big box stores and toll bridges to reach other suburban areas. Although Squamish does not consider itself a suburb of Vancouver, it’s commute to downtown is comparable and so is the real estate.

A real estate investment in Squamish is one that will likely come with a high return. With all the major plans for economic development and the supernatural attraction, you really can’t lose.

We think the secret is out. It’s SQUAWESOME!

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