Case Study: A contemporary custom built + designed home located in Garibaldi Highlands in Squamish, BC.
Objective of the build: To create a home that offers a low maintenance design for a busy family that doesn’t have time to continually upkeep the exterior of the home ever year. Other key objectives were to have a lot’s of storage, a well designed/crafted kitchen and a revenue producing one bedroom suite to help off set mortgage costs.
Result: Home features include clean architectural lines, cedar accents and environmentally friendly design choices such as a standing seam metal roof. The home was built using local partnerships and low maintenance building materials to ensure a minimal environmental impact during construction and for the life of the home. The interior of the home exudes a modern ambiance due to the usage of colour combinations, European style influences and high end millwork.
What the owner says:Its so nice to be in a space that I don’t have to think about staining my deck or cedar accents every summer. At my old house we were continually doing upkeep and it became a chore. We love that we can enjoy the home and know that it still looks stunning no matter what.”


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