Questions to ask your renovator + architect

What should I be asking my renovator and architect before they start working on my home? Its a popular  topic and were happy to give you some tips on questions you should be asking. After all, your home is the biggest asset you have.

Ask the Renovator

  1. Do you have experience with renovations?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. Do you carry WCB and general liability insurance, and if so how much?
  4. How will you communicate with me throughout my project?
  5. Do you belong to professional associations?
  6. Can you supply 3 references and refer me to previous work sites so that I can evaluate your work?
  7. Do you have a business licence?
  8. Are you comfortable & do you have relationships working with architectural drawings and partnering with architects?
  9. When can you start? How long will it take?
  10. How often will you personally be on-site at my project?
  11. Can you provide me a detailed quote and project schedule?
  12. Do you have a contract setting out the terms and conditions?

Ask the Architect

  1. Do you have experience with renovations?
  2. What is your design style?
  3. How long have you been in business?
  4. Why do I need to have an architect?
  5. What project management services do you offer?
  6. How do you charge?  Is it on a percentage of the construction costs, on an hourly basis, a flat fee, or a combination?
  7. Can you provide a portfolio of your work and industry references? Can I see your work in person?
  8. Will I be dealing with the same person designing the renovation? If so, who is the point person in the firm?
  9. What sets your firm apart from others?
  10. Do you foresee challenges in my project?
  11.  If the scope of the project changes later in the project, will there be additional fees? How will these fees be justified? How will this be communicated to me?
  12. What is your track record with completing a project within the original budget?

Remember, its great to visually see some of the work that your chosen renovator + architect  has done.  Below we have posted some before/after pictures of LDL renovations.


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