Renovation DON’Ts – Our Top 5 List

In a world of overpriced real estate, many of us are choosing to renovate our homes rather than move. Renovations come in all shapes and sizes so if you’ve decided to hop on the remodel-your-home train, here is a list of things to avoid to keep your renovation in check and stress-free.

1. Don’t delay decisions
Decisions, decisions! Between, Pintrest and Houzz making a decision can be very overwhelming. Some of us are very decisive while others lose sleep for weeks on which shade of white to paint the trim. Delayed decisions tend to have a domino effect – costing YOU time and money. Plenty of delays can occur that are beyond your control. Don’t let your indecisiveness be the reason your kitchen won’t be ready for Christmas dinner.

2. Don’t be a distraction
A contractor understands that it isn’t always feasible to move out for the duration of a reno but the reality is that it is safer and more efficient for them to work when you aren’t there. Answering 20 questions from your five year old or being barked at by your dog can be a major distraction. While it is great to keep regular communication with those working on your home, YOU are the one paying them to be there so don’t spend 30 minutes talking about last night’s hockey game. If you can take some time away from the house during a reno, it can be a great break from the mess and noise too.

3. Don’t go with the lowest bidder
While it is important to shop around and get a few estimates, automatically choosing the lowest bidder may not be a wise choice.Typically you get what you pay for. An estimate is based on the quality of the materials and the workmanship that company stands by. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask around for recommendations (or who not to use!). First hand referrals are usually the best.

4. Don’t go into a project without a contingency fund
An estimate is just that – an estimate. Contractors aren’t magicians and they can’t see inside your walls until demolition. If you have a hard line budget, be sure to share this with your contractor. There are often unexpected expenses involved so be prepared. Keep in mind, your contingency fund is not there to expand your renovation.

5. Don’t put lipstick on a pig
Listen to what your house needs. There is no point installing new flooring if you have a leaky roof or a flashy kitchen if your foundation is cracked. Be realistic about the priorities in your home. Beauty starts on the inside.

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