Seasonal Maintenance Tips – Summer

It’s finally heating up and starting to feel like summer in beautiful Sea to Sky country. Time to start enjoying all those lakes, trails and happy hour patios. BUT, before you send out the invites to your backyard barbeque, consider spending some time going through these summer maintenance tips to keep your home at it’s best. A little time spent on home maintenance now, could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Check your air quality: Your humidity levels shouldn’t be higher than 60%. Air conditioning and air exchange units need to have their filters changed regularly to run effectively and efficiently. Use a vacuum to remove dust and lint from the fans in your bathrooms and the dryer duct/vent in your laundry room.

Check your windows and Doors: Keep the hot summer heat outside! It is key to routinely check the sealants (caulking or putty on older homes) around windows and doors. Ensure that both inside and out are secured, and caulk any open areas in between. Also, check weather-stripping for any faults and replace it if there is an issue. Taking care of windows will keep your home looking and feeling good too.

Deep clean carpets and rugs: Warmer temperatures are better breeding grounds for all those nasty things

Lubricate hardware
: Things like door hinges, automatic garage door openers and other moving parts can dry out and should be lubricated for proper functioning

Clean the exterior
: Washing siding and pressure washing decks can make a home sparkle but it can also reveal any number of issues. Being aware of the condition of your home allows you to make strategic decisions or plan any future remodeling.

Check exterior wood siding: Look for any signs of deterioration. Replace or refinish as needed.

Remove or prune overgrown trees and plants
: Major root systems and overgrown branches can severely affect the integrity or roofs, siding and driveways.

Check your roof: Take note of any sagging or cracking and the condition of the shingles and flashing.

Going through this list will, not only, keep your home looking it’s best but save you time and money by keeping your home running efficiently and preventing long term damage. Now get out there and enjoy your summer!

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