Secrets of designing a small kitchen

With the growing cost of residential construction its becoming common to live in small spaces.  According to the Vancouver Condo Report the average price per square foot for MLS high rise condos is $596.00 in 2012 for Greater Vancouver. That means if you lived in a 750 square foot condo that would cost you around $447,000..and that is a small space!

Of course, there are many perks about living in a downtown core so many people are available and willing to pay the price.  Let’s say you are one of those people, and you have always dreamed of having a luxurious kitchen, but you have a tiny space to work with.

So, what would LDL suggest? Luckily, we have some great ideas to share with you!

Quality Appliances.  Stainless steel appliances offer a stylish and sleek appearance and is a main focal points in a small kitchen. Picture below via Home re-design Kaleidoscope.


Stainless steel appliances & white cabinets

A glass backsplash has a high impact, is easy to clean and offers a fresh appeal.  In addition, a mirror backsplash gives the illusion of having more space.

By painting your kitchen a vibrant or rich color, it gives you the opportunity to accent the space and create a modern kitchen. Others keep the walls and cabinets white, but include dashes of colour to make it more lively. The picture below is of  a yellow wall in a kitchen by architect Anki Gneib.


Yellow wall


A great space-saving idea in a renovated Victorian flat in San Francisco by Abueg Morris Architects is an appliance wall. The refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and washer/dryer are artfully arranged to fit in a compact 8-foot-wide space. Storage cupboards sit above using every inch of the wall.


Utilizing storage by building cabinets upwards & appliance wall

Creating a breakfast bar (this increases socialization for when guests are over)  and gives you more space for eating, working and prep area. By minimizing space through your breakfast bar you can also eliminate the need of requiring a dining room table. Picture below via Lorenz Developments Ltd custom kitchen project.


Breakfast bar & open shelving

Smart home organization ideas. For example, custom cabinets that use all available space up to the ceiling,  using magnetic strips for knives and pot lids (IKEA sells them) and efficient usage of wall spaces makes for a  functional and stylish environment.

Do you have a small space and are you challenged with trying to create it to be more functional and stylish?

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