Transforming your house into a home

We’ve all been there.

We dream about what our ultimate home looks like and we look forward to the day it becomes a reality. We browse through the latest projects of home magazines, read interior design blog’s and go window-shopping to be inspired by the latest trends. We are bombarded with design + renovation ideas, and its easy to get overwhelmed. Frankly, making all these choices can be difficult to unite sustainability, innovation and commitment to match our lifestyle and personalities.

Planning on doing a home makeover? Let’s make this easy!

  1. Keep it simple. Simplicity means choosing to have clean lines, geometrical shapes and functional spaces throughout your home. If you treat your decisions with simplicity, you will not be overwhelmed.
  2. Enhance functional spaces. This can be accomplished by incorporating logical floor planning, optimal storage + space utilization techniques.
  3. Open spaces. Make decisions that allow for an open environment, and when done right, it can produce a finished room that feels larger and performs more efficiently.
  4. Less is more. Keep your furniture to a minimum and avoid clutter, this will allow your home to appear stylish, fun + sophisticated.
  5. Spend wisely. Don’t get caught up with buying various decorative pieces, instead invest in quality and use these pieces to create focal points
  6. Plan for the expected. Renovations are very rewarding, but we all know that with high reward, there is some sacrifice.  Ask your contractor how long the renovation is going to take, and prepare accordingly.
  7. Hire the experts. If you plan on spending $15,000+ on cabinetry its worth having a custom cabinetmaker as the quality, function + flexibility is invaluable.

At Lorenz Developments Ltd we believe that it’s the collaborative effort between our clients and our company that transforms a house into a home. That’s why we provide a professional and personal design experience from the initial consultation to the finished project.

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